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Our mission at Hypercycle is to enable any AI centralized or Decentralized, open source or closed source to securely partake in the global brain of AI computation. Through the convergence of the SingularityNet, Toda/IP and the data structure Earth64, we are now actively participating in the implementation of this network.  Our team is utilizing the most secure and efficient peer-to-peer technology available in the field of cryptography, and collaborating with esteemed partners and ecosystems including Toda and SingularityNET.  We are fortunate to work alongside numerous exceptional contributors from the centralized world like Google, Microsoft, Nvidia, Intel etc.  and decentralized like Bitcoin and Ethereum communities and many others. Our collective, unbiased approach reflects the true spirit of scientific progress and collaboration. Ask how you can play a part in securing the internet of AI by running AI computation through HyperCycle and getting rewarded for your efforts.


The Internet of AIs has the potential to be more powerful than any single AI, as current AI systems are siloed and are narrow such as LLM, voice recognition etc.. The evolution towards artificial general intelligence (AGI) could enable AI to undertake all tasks simultaneously. However, if AI continues to evolve in a non-cooperative and centralized manner, it could result in either no one achieving AGI or a single entity dominating AGI. The solution could lie in an Internet of AIs, where the first AGI would be an aggregate of multiple AIs forming a global brain.

HyperCycle is taking the initial steps in this direction by enabling AI creators to monetize their intellectual properties and participate in AI computations that serve other AI systems. This approach facilitates secure peer-to-peer transactions for AIs, which is critical given the rapid growth of machine-to-machine transactions. By 2026, it is estimated that machine-to-machine communication will account for approximately 90% of all internet communication. At HyperCycle we continue to focus on that communication layer to ensure it is secure and peer-to-peer while others continue to enhance their AI agents. 


Before Hypercycle, cooperation between AI machines used to be rudimentary. As AI computation becomes the world's leading industry, an efficient transmission network is essential. HyperCycle, having authored Toda/IP, Earth64 data structure is now working alongside SingularityNet, and other prominent individuals from the Bitcoin, Cardano and Ethereum communities to create a secure and efficient peer-to-peer network based on the principles of cryptography. By building the synapses of the global brain, HyperCycle aims to foster an agnostic and cumulative approach to scientific progress.

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HyperCycle Network

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To provide a clear analogy, the role of a HyperCycle node in an AI system is similar to the impact a web browser had on human interaction with the internet, or the way synapses facilitate communication between neurons within the brain. While a node's presence alone is not enough to ensure the success of a cooperative AI system, it is an essential component for enabling collaboration and communication on a modular level.


HyperCycle is a booster of every AI computation which integrates Toda/IP at the network layer, a state-of-the-art virtual machine CoSaTo.VM (python and EVM), Earth64 Data structure and the Sato-Servers and the HyPC utility containers and node factory enablers. The HyPC serves as a container for payment so you can transmit any currency including USD, Bitcoin, ETH etc. facilitating AI computation transactions. To participate in this cutting-edge ecosystem, you can manage or own one or multiple nodes either from a distributor or in wholesale directly from HYPC Corp.


An individual software node license is currently priced at $130. Each node demands 1,024 HYPC tokens to operate as a factory of nodes, ensuring seamless integration with the existing foundational layer of the internet TCP/IP, so no new rails are needed, no third party is needed. By providing a cost-effective solution, HyperCycle aims to democratize access to advanced AI computation and foster a collaborative environment for AI systems to thrive by increasing their revenue on one side and their intelligence on another. 

Initiating HyperCycle nodes enables individuals and organizations to further monetize their AI to the rapidly growing AI industry. As the demand for AI computation increases, participants can benefit from the efficient and secure network offered by HyperCycle. By creating an accessible platform for AI collaboration, HyperCycle is paving the way for the Internet of AIs and the potential realization of artificial general intelligence. HyperCycle is at the forefront of the AI revolution, as running AI computation is predicted to become the world's leading industry. This shift will not only add significant value to humanity but also present lucrative financial opportunities for individuals and organizations. By operating and/or owning HyperCycle nodes, you can contribute to the progress of advanced AI computation while profiting on an ongoing basis. 


HyperCycle facilitates cooperation and competition of AI.
Cooperation often results in emergence of unprecedented intelligence and the competition results in an ongoing self evolutionary nature of the overall system that is often progressive. Cryptography is at the core of the network packets to ensure the p2p transactions reach sub-second finality with zero third party dependencies. Everyone who is reading this can partake in this initiative and operate and/or own factory of Nodes referred to as HyperShare. It has smart contracts built in and customizable to address the needs of stakeholders. 



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