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  • What is HyperCycle
    HyperCycle is the' Internet of Ai'. It interconnects AI machines to increase their intelligence and profitability by enabling AI systems to communicate and collaborate more efficiently and securely. HyperCycle can help AI systems to learn and grow quicker. It allows businesses in need of AI computing to generate more value and be more efficient, while accelerating the development of Artificial General Intelligence (AGI)
  • What is a Hypercycle Node
    A HyperCycle Node is a software enabling the smallest AI modules to interact and transact with any other modules efficiently and securely due to its cryptographic proofs and true p2p design. The HyperCycle Computation Node is composed of loosely coupled components, mainly A Virtual Machine, a Transaction Machine, and an AI machine. In order to operate, the VM machine must receive a 3-Way input composed of: First: A SATO-Server, which is represented by the HYPC token, and acts as a cryptographic proof of conditional payment wrapped in sufficient cryptographic proofs within a 64Kb file/packet. Second: The Smart-contract Instructions on how to process the data. Third: The exact Data in need of AI Computation such as images, text, or audio.
  • What do you need to run Nodes?
    If you want to be run your own HyperCycle node, you will need the following: 1024 HYPC tokens Node licences (Either singles or master nodes) Compatible hardware (recommended is our own HyperAi box
  • How to get HyPC tokens?
    HyperCycle tokens can be acquired in many ways, such as trading and swapping on various CEX's and DEX's including but not limited to Uniswap. Pancake swap, Bitmart, Exmarkets and MEXC.
  • How to get licences?
    Visit the following link to aquire your own node Licesnse.
  • How to get hardware?
    To purchase your own hardware visit
  • I already own some hardware, how can I participate?
    You can use different levels of Hardware machines depending on what you want to perform on the HyperCycle Network: If you don’t own anything other than your hardware, you will also be able to borrow the missing elements on HyperPG’s HyperPools once they’re ready. If you also own a Masternode and want to start building your Masternode”s Uptime you can either use our pre-configured HyperAiBox, or, get in touch with our engineers at HyperPG to help you check and setup your machine and start building your Masternode’s Uptime on your machine directly. If you want to provide computational resources on the HyperCycle network you can use: An HyperAiBox for computation up to the equivalent of 2 single nodes HyperPG’s HyperPools, once they are ready, to lend your computing power to the other participants in need of your machine on the network.
  • What can you do with tokens?
  • I own a MasterNode (distributor licence 512 instances), how can I break the licence and distribute the ownership (sell individual nodes)? And what information do I give the buyers?
    If you are interested in becoming an official distributor, please contact us -
  • Once someone has the licence, what is the process to pair the licence with the 1024 tokens and get them working?
    The pairing of single licences and/or sub-masternode licence bundles with your own HyPC tokens (1024 HyPC required per single license) is under development and will be publicly announced in our socials once deployed.
  • When my node splits after 6 to 18 months of participation in the Hypercycle network , will I earn more revenue? Will I need to purchase more hardware?
    Yes you will, provided your node is still active and reputable on the network. Purchasing more hardware will effectively depend on the capacity of your current machine. We will know more as the Beta goes. Stay tuned in our socials to know the last updates!
  • I bought a single node licence from XYZ company. Does that mean I will need to run my node through their Hardware and facilities or can I run it on my own device?
    Any HyperCycle compliant hardware is compatible with any type of node licences. You are free to choose where you want to put your licence at work. You can run it locally if you own adequate hardware (HPC, HyperPC,etc..) or remotely through our various partners (HyperPG,SDAO, Cryptopia, HyperAiBox.)
  • When does the BETA test begin?
    The Beta Phase, which covers the start of the Uptime building of the Masternodes, officially started on September 23, 2023. You can read the full coverage of this event in our Medium article.
  • Will there be new ways to get individual licences?
    Yes there will, stay tuned. Right now you can buy from bulks of 2 single licences to a full masternode licence (512 singles) on our official Node Distributing Platform.
  • What are the computer specs for running a masternode? I'd imagine that a commercial computer would be needed for that?
    AI operates in a variety of capacities. To draw an analogy, think of a Masternode as a franchise licence. This licence could represent a large establishment like Walmart, but you have the flexibility to start as small as a corner store (representing your node). If your store sells just one item and has a single cash register, this will be reflected in the HyperCycle Nodes through the Proof of Uptime Reputation and Computation metrics. The latter measures how often you've successfully serviced customers. While running a tiny store on a single node might not be the most economical choice compared to a masternode, the key takeaway is that we provide flexibility and don't dictate how you operate. Some might start with a small store and plan to expand quickly or scale over time.
  • The final fee would be $46,000? I assume that means no surcharge?
    Yes, the fee is for a perpetual licence. The sequence in which you join is significant. For instance, if you wish to join a successful pool that's currently full, and an opening arises tomorrow, that spot will be allocated to the person who opted in first, before the next in line.
  • What are the managed services for the masternode? I'd like to compare those services please.
    There are many services affiliated with running a masternode, as we have 5 main beneficiaries: hardware providers, Ai developers, Token suppliers, licence owners and facilities for energy provision? For instance the licence can be likened to owning a franchise to operate a Walmart store. It comes with no additional charges or managed services. Naturally, it's resellable either as a whole or in parts. The capability to sell in parts (retail) will be enabled next, through audited smart contracts, in collaboration with partners like HyperPG, and Cryptopia.
  • If you start out running your own masternode can you switch it to being run on a server?
    Absolutely, there are no technical restrictions. Think of it in terms of the analogy of running a Walmart franchise licence to open a corner store. If you possess the know-how, you can certainly make the switch. However, if you decide to collaborate with experts who have the necessary expertise, they might request a share of the benefits. Setting up a point-of-sale system for a small store is almost as labour-intensive as for a larger establishment. Hence, these experts might prioritise larger operations because their success is tied to yours. That said, the ability for any user to set up and run their node with ease is on the horizon. While our initial estimate for a plug-and-play system was 18 months post the closing of the Private phase (by May 7th, 2023), we're currently ahead of schedule. We anticipate this feature to be available in about 9 months. By the 6th month, we expect to have fully operational plug-and-play devices, named HyperAi Box, an initiative form HyperAppliance, ready. All they'll require is an electricity and network connection. Setting them up will be as straightforward as configuring your router. Stay tuned for more announcements regarding this, as this company shares a close relationship with HyperPG.
  • Is Cryptopia the only platform to run in beta through a managed service?
    No, you have the flexibility to initiate your own setup today. While Cryptopia has been consistently surpassing its estimated timelines and release schedules, which is commendable, there are other reputable service providers in the space. For instance,, led by Nick Black, is another excellent service provider. The structure of HyperCycle is such that even if you were to start a competing service, the success of platforms like Cryptopia or indirectly benefits every node you possess. The ecosystem thrives on collective growth.
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