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  • What is HyperCycle?
    HyperCycle is the 'Internet of Ai'. It interconnects AI machines to increase their intelligence and profitability by enabling AI systems to communicate and collaborate more efficiently and securely. HyperCycle can help AI systems to learn and grow quicker. It allows businesses in need of AI computing to generate more value and be more efficient, while accelerating the development of Artificial General Intelligence (AGI).
  • What is a Hypercycle Node?
    A HyperCycle Node is a software enabling the smallest AI modules to interact and transact with any other modules efficiently and securely due to its cryptographic proofs and true p2p design. The HyperCycle Computation Node is composed of loosely coupled components, mainly a Virtual Machine, a Transaction Machine, and an AI machine. In order to operate, the VM machine must receive a 3-Way input composed of: First: A SATO-Server, which is represented by the HYPC token, and acts as a cryptographic proof of conditional payment wrapped in sufficient cryptographic proofs within a 64Kb file/packet. Second: The Smart-contract Instructions on how to process the data. Third: The exact Data in need of AI Computation such as images, text, or audio. In order to operate an HyperCycle node, you will need three different elements: 1024 HYPC tokens Node licences (Either singles or master nodes) Compatible hardware (for example our HyperAiBox)
  • What do you need to run Nodes?
    If you want to be run your own HyperCycle node, you will need the following: 1024 HYPC tokens Node licences (Either singles or master nodes) Compatible hardware (for example our HyperAiBox)
  • How to get HyPC tokens?
    HyperCycle tokens can be acquired in many ways, such as trading and swapping on various CEX's and DEX's including but not limited to Uniswap. Pancake swap, Bitmart, Exmarkets and MEXC. For more information about the HyPC token, feel free to have a look at the tokenomics.
  • How to get licences?
    Visit, official HyperCycle node distributor to acquire your own node licenses.
  • How to get hardware?
    Hardware (when available) can be purchased through HyperAppliance
  • I already own some hardware, how can I participate?
    You can use different levels of Hardware machines depending on what you want to perform on the HyperCycle Network: If you don’t own anything other than your hardware, you will also be able to borrow the missing elements on HyperPG’s HyperPools once they’re ready. If you also own a Masternode and want to start building your Masternode”s Uptime you can either use our pre-configured HyperAiBox, or, get in touch with our engineers at HyperPG to help you check and setup your machine and start building your Masternode’s Uptime on your machine directly. If you want to provide computational resources on the HyperCycle network you can use: An HyperAiBox for computation up to the equivalent of 2 single nodes HyperPG’s HyperPools, once they are ready, to lend your computing power to other participants in need of your machine on the network.
  • I have available (=vested) HyPC tokens where can I park them to generate yield?
    Here are the current options offered to HyPC token owners if they want to partake in the AI computation economy on the HyperCycle network: > HyperPG Token Pools Currently available on, these token pools provide a platform for Masternode license and hardware owners to borrow the necessary HyPC tokens to operationalise their AI computation nodes. Full Masternode License owners (Masternode licences available at that also own a compatible HPC hardware, but lack the HyPC token amount to activate their licence and start their machines, can submit a proposal to the Pool platform, indicating their intent to deposit their share and borrow the remaining tokens from token lenders. For an in-depth explanation of the various pools offered by HyperPG please read our Medium article. > The SingularityDAO Platform Available on, Singularity DAO is a Decentralised Application, or Dapp, where you can deposit your HyPC tokens into an Unbounded Vault to participate in Staking. Staking is the process of depositing your tokens in a smart-contract to support the operations of a blockchain network. In return, participants earn additional tokens as compensation. Please note that compared to HyperPG, staking your HyPC token does not lock them so you can get them back at any given time in your wallet, but they won’t be paired with an existing Masternode License running on a real hardware machine. Meaning your level of participation on the HyperCycle network is much stronger with HyperPG. For a complete guide on how to stake your HyPC tokens on SDAO, please refer to the video guide prepared by the team of our official node distributor Nick Black.
  • I have unvested HyPC tokens, where can I park them to generate yield?
    While the classic Token Pools are available for every HyPC token owner, another solution is offered for users owning unvested (=still locked) HyPC tokens. This is called the Early Deployment Program (EDP). Similarly to the previous pools, owners of unvested tokens can put their assets to work and generate yield bi-weekly. The EDP is only available for private SAFT investors and SDAO public participants. For an in-depth explanation of the various pools offered by HyperPG please read our Medium article.
  • What can you do with unvested tokens? (EDP)
    Owners of unvested tokens can put their assets to work (we call it EDP which stands for Early Deployment Program) and generate yield bi-weekly by contacting and communicating to her your investment details (SAFT, 0x, entity etc...). After that your wallet will be whitelisted for the EDP and you will be able to complete the following steps: Step 1: Contact and communicate to her your investment details (SAFT, 0x, entity etc...) Step 2: You will receive from Nara the right link for you to access the EDP. Step 3: Read a statement saying that you acknowledge owning HyPC Unvested tokens and connect your MetaMask Wallet with the Dapp on the ETH network. HyperPG will now check your available unvested token allocation. Step 4: A page will then ask you if you’d like to apply for the Unvested token pool program, offering 9% APR for a 24-month lock period. > Click “create allocation”. > Optional: provide your email address for direct support and pool availability from the tech team. > Validate the agreement by signing a transaction with your Metamask wallet. Step 5: Request pending (1 business day). Step 6: After 24h: the request is completed. Congratulations! You have now applied for the unvested token pool, and the HyperCycle Treasury will deposit the tokens on your behalf in the token pool. The Pool will now run your deposit on-chain and generate yield for you. Your allocation is now locked for 24 months, and you will generate yield bi-weekly in HyPC. To claim the rewards every two weeks, you will have to update your deposit and claim them with your Metamask (2 operations). You can also wait and claim later if you prefer. (Note: make sure you have enough ETH to cover the gas fees). At the end of the 24-month period, your unvested tokens will automatically be sent to your wallet. DISCLAIMER: Owners of unvested tokens who decide to opt out of the EDP program and vest their tokens normally must explicitly opt out by contacting
  • What can you do with Licences?
    A Node Licence can be paired with the adequate amount of HyPC tokens (i.e 1024 HyPC per single licence). Pairing a licence together with 1024 HyPC tokens provides the ability to run what is called a HyperCycle Node (HCN) on the HyperCycle Network. You can use your license "as is" by pledging it directly on HyperPG, then borrow the remaining amount of HyPC from HyPC token providers, and run your HyperCycle Node while sharing resources with your lenders.
  • What can you do with hardware?
    A HyperAibox allows you to run a node allowing you to provide computational power to the network and earn rewards. If you own HPC an are considering dedicating some of your hardware to participate in the HyperCycle network, feel free to get in touch with our admins on Telegram, they will route you to the right contact depending on your setup.
  • I participated in the seed or private round and I want to claim my tokens
    Start with getting in touch with and communicate whether you would like to participate into the Early Deployment Program or not. By default, your tokens will be deployed in the EDP on It allows you to enable your unvested tokens to be part of the Early Deployment Program. Hence earning yield on you tokens that have not yet vested. If you decide to opt out of the EDP, then your token allocation will be claimable at It allows you to claim your token conventionally according to the private or seed round SAFT. The claim is based on per block vesting for 24 months through the contracted entity SDAO.
  • I’m interested in purchasing a MasterNode (512 instances). What are the steps?
    Step 1: Purchase a full Masternode licence on our Official Node Distributing Platform with your Metamask Wallet. Step 2: You will receive the proof of your acquisition on your wallet. It can take up to 24h. Step 3: From there, you can either: - pair your Masternode licence with your own HyPC tokens (524 288 HyPC tokens needed) to marry them together and activate your licence. - borrow the missing HyPC token amount on by creating a Pool proposal. The complete tutorial is being built as we speak and will be available on our Medium account
  • I own a MasterNode (distributor licence 512 instances), how can I break the licence and distribute the ownership (sell individual nodes)?
    If you are interested in becoming an official distributor, please contact us on
  • I have a single node licence/s plus necessary vested (or available) HyPC tokens, how can I participate in tilling/beta?
    If you want to be at the forefront of the HyperCycle network participation, you can pair your available HyPC token to an HyperAiBox. The HyperAIBox is a dedicated hardware device allowing all participants to provide computational power to the network. In order to partake in this, you will however need to own at least one Single Node Licence + at least 1024 HyPC tokens per licence. Single Node Licences are currently available from our Official Distributor on Nick Black's platform: Powertradeit. If you’re looking to acquire a HyperAI Box, you can place an order here. For more informations about the HyperAI Box, please visit our HyperAppliance Box website.
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